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Wed 26 Oct 2011 in 48,9:
48.4533102, 9.0901054

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Gomaringen, probably a meadow orchard


Ekorren thinks he found a possibility to squeeze the hash in somehow, probably around noon. He'd drop it for lack of time if it wasn't Gomaringen - one of only three municipalities in his district where he hasn't hashed yet. Statistically there's one hash in 1.5 years in Gomaringen. He doesn't really want to wait for the next one.


Ekorren has been there and reports:

I had to go to Stuttgart, gather stuff from several places there and bring it all to Tübingen for the evening. However, I managed to run off early enough in the morning that I could afford a detour. So I jumped on the bike and went to Gomaringen. Near the point, I found that it was in a meadow orchard as expected, and there were fences. However, the fences were clearly open and to me it looked rather like they were used to keep cattle in if there was some (which wasn't the case), so I didn't see a reason not to go in and visit the hash. At the point, I found what had once been apples. Yuck. Been there, be gone. I raced my bike to Reutlingen, bought a little present for some of the activists at Stuttgart, and caught a train even a bit earlier than would have been necessary.

Wasn't there.--Steingesicht 02:42, 27 October 2011 (EDT)