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Thu 26 Mar 2009 in 48,9:
48.4016096, 9.0211529

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The hash is located at the margin of the residential area Bästenhardt in the town of Mössingen.

Expedition by Ekorren[edit]

Another one of those "too close not to try" locations? Well, since I usually set that line at around 10 km as the bird flies, this one was a bit further. But much easier than some of those below 10 km. The only thing that could possibly spoil it was wind and rain.

It was what you call a quick and smooth expedition. I chose a route and went off, up along the Steinlach river, through Dußlingen and Ofterdingen, around the town centre of Mössingen, and after about one hour, reached the residential area of Bästenhardt. It's one of those areas you don't need to visit - if you have seen one of them, you know them all. Some large concrete boxes, some smaller ones, and a too large number of one-family houses. Following the arrow on the GPS, I found a footpath to the hash. It had even been one kilometre less than estimated when I started.

Now to pinpoint the exact spot... hm, still a few meters to the north... er, there is that steep slope down, might be too steep for me. Can't see a secure way down either. 5m... 2m... starting to go down... 0m. Uh. This point was just a few centimetres from where it started to get too steep. Waited for the GPS to average the location - still up here. Coordinates reached.

Since there wasn't really anything to do here, I took a small detour to Bad Sebastiansweiler and then went into the town centre of Mössingen. Failed to buy a hashcard (actually, I found postcards, but the company who made them seems to have very different quality standards than I have...), succeeded in a number of non geohashing related purchases, and went home again before sunset.



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