2010-12-01 48 9

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Wed 1 Dec 2010 in 48,9:
48.4697630, 9.0414814

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Tübingen municipality, between the hamlet Kreßbach and the old Eckhof farm. Close to the place where the first real meetup in the Stuttgart graticule took place two years ago.

Given the current weather and road conditions, it's probably wise to go via Kreßbach, since this usually is the only road which gets cleared from snow occasionally. Public transport users can call a bus-on-request.


Ekorren was there in the afternoon despite ugly weather and bad road conditions.


See also: 2008-11-22_48_9.

This time it was... a bit colder, even more fresh snow, no timeline. I should have gone in the morning, since it started snowing again around noon. And riding a bike while significant snowfall isn't very comfortable. At least there wasn't any ice on the roads, so it was safe. For a rather low, but still sufficient value of safe.

So, what else is there to tell? Well, it was cold. And snowed. Oh, I told that already. And the great view over the valley on the mountains which usually is there near the hashpoint, had been temporarily replaced by a gray view over the valley on some clouds.