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Fri 16 May 2014 in 48,9:
48.5122346, 9.0082571

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Between Tübingen and Unterjesingen and Wurmlingen, between the Ammer valley and the Spitzberg mountain, in a forest. Whether the exact spot belongs to Tübingen or to the Rottenburg exclave, isn't determinable from the map.


Ekorren went there in the evening.

Expedition plans[edit]

I had some stuff to do and shop at Rottenburg, so this was almost on the way. Since I had heavy luggage on the way out, I decided to visit the hash on the way back. It got much later than I had expected, but I still got there during daylight.

When I came close the map suggested a mud track that was blocked by some steel monster, but I got past it without being eaten. Also, nobody shot me from the observation tower a few metres from the point I had to turn away from the track into the woods.

I stumbled through the underbrush, while my GPSr tried to determine how many different locations it could suggest without being thrown at the next rock. It finally kind of decided that the hash would probably be in some canyon, which I climbed into and was surprised to find not a creek but some tractor tracks in. Hurried to make a proof photo before the point moved away again. Actually, the canyon did accommodate water a few metres further, and those tractor tracks were... very muddy. However, I got back to the bike and went home.