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Mon 15 Aug 2011 in 48,9:
48.8034324, 9.1873066

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Stuttgart, near the Nordbahnhof (northern railway station) on probably inaccessible property. However, the actual status is currently unknown to me, since this probably is a construction site at the moment.



Ekorren plans to go to Stuttgart anyway, so he can just as well also take a short look at the place. This will be a sad excuse for a birthday hash, though.

ETA: either around 17:00 or around 20:00. Or at some other time, or not at all.


I went there by bike. I had planned out a reasonable route which also allowed some stopovers in the Böblingen/Sindelfingen area since I wanted to check something out there for another hobby. However, all this didn't really go as expected, so in the end I ran into serious time constraints. Since I didn't want to miss the monday No-Stuttgart-21 demonstration (which clearly becomes more and more matter of getting this country back to respecting basic human rights), I had to switch schedule and not visit the hash on the way there as planned, but afterwards.

So, it got late, and it started to get dark when I came close.

I wasn't sure what the status of the areal currently was, but found that it still was all disused railway area. So it seemed quite unlikely that it would be possible to get there legally, and since police only waits for a reason to sue you at Stuttgart, it's better to respect even the nonsensible rules. However, I was able to get a good view on the point from a bridge, then went down on the platform of the Nordbahnhof station, where I got as close as 50 m. Tried to circle the area, but didn't really find a good way which would take me closer. Later I learned that there might have been a way to get significantly closer, legally, but it still wouldn't have taken me to the hash. Whatever. Coordinates reached or not - doesn't really matter at Stuttgart for me.