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Tue 25 Oct 2011 in 48,9:
48.5438548, 9.0579696

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Tübingen - Waldhäuser Ost. Just at the side of a road between lots of large buildings.

Waldhäuser Ost ("East of Waldhausen") is a suburb which was mostly built in the 1960s and 1970s, a time when it was considered modern to build concrete cubes that would allow to efficiently pack as many people as possible into one package. Also, to make sure that it's most inconvenient to reach by reasonable transport, such a district had to be built on top of a mountain, far away from any railway, and connected to the city only by large highways. To increase the psychological effect of feeling outcast, people living there should preferrably be such who can't afford a car, like students and poor families.

However, at least they have a decent bus connection nowadays. Before 1984, I wouldn't call it decent, though.


Ekorren has been there in the afternoon.

Steingesicht visited the point in the late afternoon.

Expedition by Ekorren[edit]

These days are kind of hectical... however, the hash was so close that I simply couldn't skip it. So, after getting the most urgent obligations out of my way, I jumped on the bike and moved upwards. There isn't really more to tell.

Since I have been travelling the Berliner Ring road very many times, by bus, bike and foot, and also the Weißdornweg a few times, I'm claiming another deja vu geohash for this. I'm not sure I have proof somewhere, though.


Seems I forgot to disable the macro mode. Sorry for the blurred photos. However, I don't think the area would look much nicer if sharper ;)

Expedition by Steingesicht[edit]

Nothing special happend - but nothing is better than worse. I found a gap in my schedule between work and karate training with my son. So I made a little detour on my way home. For me it was the first time I visited Waldhäuser Ost so i can claim I had learned somthing new.

At the hashpoint I found the marker from Ekorren and i added my own one. I also saw a bookcrossing book at the place where the sticker is. I hang around for some minutes and took some pics, but I didn't feel very comfortable in this situation, since a lot of "muggles" where all around and looking. (For the same reason I don't like urban geocaches.)