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Mon 23 Nov 2009 in 48,9:
48.4980852, 9.2904900

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Between Eningen unter Achalm and Metzingen-Glems, a muddy group of trees at the Albtrauf steep slope.


ekorren was there in the morning

Expedition by Ekorren[edit]

I had planned to go to Stuttgart for the day, and needed a daypass anyway. Upgrading that to one which would allow rerouting via Glems wasn't much additional cost, so there wasn't any excuse not to go. Except of the weather forecast, which expected rain.

The closest bus stop was little more than 1 km from the hash, at an intersection in the middle of nowhere, basically serving a hotel and occasional hikers. Since the bus connections there are rather sporadic off rush hours, I decided to start early to catch the last of the direct morning buses.

Took a train to Reutlingen, changed to the bus, and reached the destination at half past eight. Walked back along the road for a few hundred metres, then out on an agricultural track. Way does not continue - well, I had expected that, but as long as you still can proceed, I don't mind.

About 200 m from the hash the way finally ended - in front of a fence. About 5 m to the right from there, the fence ended in front of a bush. And behind that, it was just a wet meadow, which seems to be used as a paddock usually, but now was empty. And open. So I went around the fence, out on the meadow, up the slope to the hash.

The hash itself was in a group of trees, a wet muddy place, which was marked in the map as the source of some small creek. Left a biodegradable marker, made photos, and left the place.

For the way back I took another way which was further up the slope, featuring a number of nice viewpoints, and brought me to the village of Glems. That was a slightly longer way to walk, but the bus connections are better there. Arrived at Glems just in time to catch the next bus to Metzingen, from where I could proceed to Stuttgart. And still, it hadn't started raining.