2010-09-29 48 9

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Wed 29 Sep 2010 in 48,9:
48.5694347, 9.0435584

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In the Schönbuch forest near Tübingen-Bebenhausen.


Ekorren was there in the late afternoon and experienced a flat tire on the way back for the third time this month. I hate it.


Bebenhausen is a small old village in the middle of the forest, with a nice and well preserved medieval monastery. A #1 tourist destination, so to say. The direct way to the hash led right over Bebenhausen, so I chose to go through the monastery and take a few pictures there. Those are not the most famous views and neither the greatest. I could add more and better ones from other occasions.

After passing Bebenhausen, I went away from the most famous trails, and was basically alone with a lot of trees. The hash was somewhere in the large fenced game reserve area. Basically they say you shouldn't leave ways there, so it was unclear whether it would be legal to actually reach the hash. However, when I came close, there was a hunter's footpath which led amost exactly to the hash, so I called that a way and used it. The hash itself was nothing spectacular, just a patch of rather open forest.

Took a few detours, and when it started to get dark, went back onto well known tracks to get home. Got another flat tire, this time from a piece of broken glass (you see - idiots who smash bottles instead of returning them are everywhere, even in secluded forest spots), but this time I had some emergency tool with me and was able to patch the tire up well enough to safely get home.