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Sat 11 May 2013 in 48,9:
48.8291249, 9.1022332

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Korntal-Münchingen, at the foot of the artificial mountain "Grüner Heiner".




Well, I had a number of reasons to go to Stuttgart, using a public transport daypass - and this hash was reasonably easy to reach.

After my other plans were mostly finished, I jumped on a suburban train and went to the station of Weilimdorf. After crossing a large industrial area which was mostly dead at that time, I found that the agricultural track that brought me to the hash must have been an actual road earlier - with curbstones on both sides. The hash itself was located on a meadow with a few trees and a weird stick.

Went there, documented the visit, left. Now, that mountain over there looks interesting, so let's see how to get up there. That turned out to be a bit time-consuming because all ways up there were... well, not straight. About two kilometers instead of a few hundred meters to the peak. However, it was worth it. I even found the multi cache located there although i didn't have the necessary tools with me...

When I was back down from the hill, I hurried to Korntal. I was lucky to catch a small local train at the station Korntal Gymnasium. Gymnasium means High school, btw - so it's not about sports in large cages. And that station just looks like you would imagine a station to look like if it's usually only frequented by large groups of unsupervised teenagers: What can be destroyed, will be destroyed. I didn't have time to document that, since my train was already approaching - and if you want to get on the train at such a station on a saturday evening, you should make clear that there is really someone there who wants to travel...