2014-04-26 48 9

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Sat 26 Apr 2014 in 48,9:
48.6305797, 9.0298294

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Holzgerlingen, an industrial area called "Geopark". Whatever both the "Geo" and the "park" do in that name.




Part 2 of a double hash. First part at 2014-04-26 48 10.

Now, after the event at Stuttgart was finished, there was still time to visit the other hash at Holzgerlingen. Since my daypass wouldn't be valid all the way to Tübingen, I had planned to take the bike for the last fifteen or twenty kilometres anyway. Holzgerlingen is as good a starting point for that as the other available ones.

I got off the train at a stop which was built specifically for this industrial area and went for the hash. It was easy to find in front of a landscape gardener's shop. Well, that explains the weird installations with stairs and a bridge.

Documented it, did a short detour to stock up on food and water, and then went through the Schönbuch forest down home.