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Drei aus Korb w/ GPS

Drei aus Korb . Geocacher . New Korb City . Remstal (in German)

Who we are[edit]

Hi there, we are Mara, Katja & Holger, we are a family (born 2005, 1973, 1968) and, since summer 2015, also a geocaching team.

Our location is Korb (Rems-Murr-Kreis) near Stuttgart in the south-west of Germany.

Besides geocaching we love videogames such as Zelda, Mario Jump'n'Runs, Skyrim and racing simulators,

and board-/card-games like Catan, Dominion and especially Munchkin.

Our graticule[edit]

Stuttgart, Germany

What about the logo?[edit]

The logo is borrowed from the great strategical videogame series "Pikmin" by Nintendo.

For us the guy looking like an astronaut symbolizes our GPS-device(s) whilst we are the three Pikmins following his "orders".

That actually is what geocachers are really doing, aren't they? ;-)

What else?[edit]

We can also be found at and as "Drei aus Korb", at as "dreiauskorb".


2016-03-30 48 9 Ein Wald bei Allmersbach im Tal, Germany

2016-04-22 48 9 Industriegebiet in Fellbach Schmiden, Germany

2016-04-23 48 9 Ein Acker bei Bietigheim-Bissingen / Ludwigsburg, Germany

2016-04-26 48 9 Ein Acker in Afalterbach, Germany

2016-04-27 48 9 Am Rand eines Gewerbegebiets in Ebersbach an der Fils, Germany

2016-04-30 48 9 Ein Wiesenstück neben einem kleinen Wald in Reudern / Nürtingen, Germany

2017-04-09 48 9 Ein Auffangbecken zwischen Korb und Kleinheppach, Germany

2017-04-18 48 9 Ein Waldstück zwischen Strümpfelbach und Aichelberg, Germany

2017-05-01 48 9 Am Stettener Bach zwischen Jägerhaus und Aichwald, Germany


Drei aus Korb earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 9) geohash on 2016-03-30.
Drei aus Korb earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching hash points on 2 consecutive days starting on 2016-04-26.
Drei aus Korb earned the Hash collision achievement
by discovering the geocache GC25642 about 7 metres from the (48, 9) geohash on 2017-04-09.