2013-12-09 48 9

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Mon 9 Dec 2013 in 48,9:
48.5134184, 9.0400677

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In front of some house at Tübingen




Shortly before this hash I was severely injured in an accident. Trying to ride a bike was out of the question, walking... well, questionable. But you can't not go to a hash that just barely misses to count as Couch Potato Honorable Mention, can you?

So I went, walking. It wasn't the best of ideas, and neither was the detour on the way back to hit a supermarket. It hurt, and it certainly didn't help me getting better. I also forgot the camera but didn't want to go back. I even failed at using the camera in my mobile phone so the pictures I made with that are mostly destroyed. So, apart from the fact that it's technically a success in the sense of having reached the coordinates, you may call it a failure.


There still might be a picture or two valid as a proof but for now you have to take my word.