2011-10-16 48 9

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Sun 16 Oct 2011 in 48,9:
48.5873205, 9.3561470

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A cemetery in Frickenhausen, near Nürtingen.


Steingesicht was there after a geocaching tour.


When I found that the sunday hash is not far from home, I planned to go there during our sunday-afternoon walk. We successfully completed the very nice multi-cache Krimi: Es geschah am helllichten Tag. After that I made a detour to the geohash. The hash itself is situated at a cemetery and it is accessible on a public footpath. I like to walk on cemeteries. I love the silence and I love the thought, that somedays our descendants will remember us after a fullfilled life. I made I little walk around the cemetery, took a picture at the hashpoint (could not reach the point exactly, scince I had to step on the green to do that - but from my point of view, the hashpoint was reached) On may way back I passed by some childrens graves - sometimes, life is not fair, so I left the cemetery a little sad and reflective.



Steingesicht earned the Holy hash achievement
by reaching the sacred (48, 9) location on 2011-10-16.