2009-08-09 48 9

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Sun 9 Aug 2009 in 48,9:
48.4929400, 9.0338846

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On private property at Weilheim, an incorporated part of Tübingen.

Weilheim isn't really known for anything special, except of a 170 m long continuous line of barns, built in 1850 and never really rebuilt. They still mark the margin of the village to the west, giving the village a distinctive look when coming from Rottenburg. What I frequently do.




I did it because it was too close. 2.5 km as the crow flies, and there even were a number of crows flying along the way. They didn't care for the hash, though, but more for the freshly harvested fields.

About the expedition there's not much to tell. Just went there, did a small detour to take photos of the village, entered the side road where the property was. I already knew it was closed (had checked that out on the way back from the previous hash), and there were several possibly not so friendly neighbours watching me, so I even restrained from taking pictures of the inside (there was a place from which it would have been possible to do so), and left again. Alltogether, the expedition probably took not much more than half an hour.