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Wed 26 Aug 2009 in 48,9:
48.5313907, 9.3749877

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At the Albtrauf steep slope, where steep isn't only a word about that you need a low gear; near the small road from Dettingen (Erms) to Hülben. 12 m from the road into the forest, so close and yet so far.




Short version (will probably be replaced by a long one in september):

Went there by bike, although I didn't really have the time for it. Took detours, intended and unintended ones, although I really didn't have the time for that. Somehow made my way up (!) to 12 m from the hash, tried to climb from the road into the forest but failed. Changed speed from nasty to insane back, until the bike broke down - 200 m from Metzingen station, 10 min before a train went back. Instead of fixing the bike, carried it to the station and took the train home.