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The Erfurt graticule (50,11) covers some parts of the German Bundesländer Thüringen (Thuringia) and Bayern (Bavaria) and about 2 square kilometers of Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt).

According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

34.78%	Fields
34.42%	Natural reserves
24.02%	Forests
2.55%	Roads
1.99%	Settlements
1.97%	Highways
0.26%	Water


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[edit] Awards

Juja earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (50, 11) graticule, here, on 2008-07-27.
Geo 20080727 50 11 2.JPG
The Erfurt, Germany graticule (50 11) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of Apr 2010 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 6 successful expeditions.

[edit] Hashpoints

Arrow2.png 2008-07-27 50 11 - On a field near Grosshettstedt, Paintedhell just dropped by about 8 p.m., dragging along her boyfriend. Achievements: Drag-along, No Batteries Geohash (only printed screenshots). As the pictures contain no proof of the date, I am not sure whether I may add the Land Geohash and Virgin Graticule... anyway, this graticule might stay a virgin for a while. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2008-08-01 50 11 - Today's location was in Silberthal near Bürgel, not far away from the road and easy to find - this has been enough opportunity to have a nice cycling tour after work and go for the Twister Geohash with our dragged-along boyfriends. Well, actually, my boyfried didn't want to come, since it rained half the way there. But Juja, Manu and Reinhard were there. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2008-10-03 50 11 - Another drop-by-geohash by Juja on her way home, near Dorndorf. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2008-11-01 50 11 - A copse, Manu and her boyfriend Reinhard arrived at the meetup by bike at 4:00 pm, but nobody else came. Achievements: Bicycle Geohash. ---Manu
Arrow2.png 2009-03-17 50 11 - I arrived at my first meetup by car (exactly) at 4:00 pm, but nobody else came. But I found five condoms on the hash point. Maybe I was too late. ---Sabbi
Arrow2.png 2009-04-05 50 11 - Late-night expedition for Manu, the hare and Reinhard to a field near Hammerstedt. ---Reinhard
Arrow2.png 2009-04-29 50 11 - A really wet lunchbreak geohash in company of my hashcot Davey. To do: find a hashcot ribbon. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2009-05-03 50 11 - Another one without reward, but with Karl and Tux coming along. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2009-05-07 50 11 - Instead of playing the hard-working housewife, I used my day off to beat my own record for my longest bicycle geohash. And reached the point hours before Reinhard did, who went there after work. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2009-05-08 50 11 - Another one following: an afterwork geohash again. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2009-05-17 50 11 - Manu, Reinhard, Juja, another dragged-along geohashing newbie and the portable zoo on a sunday trip to the top of the world. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2009-05-24 50 11 - The last gooddamn sunday geohash I'll ever do in "nice weather" and that's "not so far away". I'm so sorry I even dragged someone along. Luckily, we didn't kill each other. ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2009-05-28 50 11 - I was too lazy to go, but Manu went there first and I had puppets doing it for me ;) ---Juja
Arrow2.png 2009-06-22 50 11 - Reinhard fought the nettles, was chased by angry cows and should remember to update this site ;)
Arrow2.png 2009-06-26 50 11 - Juja passed her exams in intuitional pathfinding on the sports ground of Rockau, maybe others will follow.
Arrow2.png 2009-06-28 50 11 - Third hash in a row for Juja! Manu and Reinhard went there, too.
Arrow2.png 2009-06-30 50 11 - Speed racer geohash at 130 km/h on the A9 by Reinhard.
Arrow2.png 2009-07-13 50 11 - Numerous expeditions to today's beautiful point by Manu, Reinhard, Jens, Juja and others.
Arrow2.png 2009-07-18 50 11 - Manu and Reinhard went on a land walk tron (déjà vu) geohashing expedition.
Arrow2.png 2009-07-22 50 11 - Reinhard did a combined car/bike trip to Stanau.
Arrow4.png 2009-07-27 50 11 - Reinhard cycled to the hashpoint near Oberndorf, but it was electrically fenced.
Arrow2.png 2009-07-30 50 11 - Reinhard did a combined car/bike trip to the Frankenwald-Hochstraße.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-01 50 11 - Manu and Reinhard celebrated their first hashiversary in a field near Achelstädt.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-09 50 11 - Manu, her parents and Reinhard explored the surroundings of the Goldisthal barrage in the Thuringian forest.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-10 50 11 - Juja started her holiday on her bike going to Milda.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-11 50 11 - Reinhard did a short bike trip to that field near Göttern.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-14 50 11 - Reinhard did a short detour to that field near St. Gangloff.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-16 50 11 - Reinhard did a short detour to Schleifreisen and had a short walk through the dark forest at night.
Arrow4.png 2009-08-17 50 11 - Reinhard cycled 107 km, but missed the geohash located on private property by a few meters.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-22 50 11 - Manu and Reinhard did a combined car/bike trip to the Frankenwald.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-23 50 11 - Manu and Reinhard went through the fields near Rockhausen.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-24 50 11 - Reinhard did an 87 km bike trip to Eschdorf at night.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-27 50 11 - Reinhard did a combined car/bike trip to the Frankenwald, again.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-28 50 11 - Part 2 of an ultrahash by Danatar, srs0 and thepiguy. Deep in the wilderness near the Saxon-Thuringian state border.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-30 50 11 - Part 4 of a monsterhash by Danatar, srs0 and thepiguy. Ambassador achievement thanks to a nice home owner in Buchau near Kulmbach.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-31 50 11 - Reinhard went there in the evening for the fame of the graticule.
Arrow2.png 2009-10-12 50 11 - Reinhard cycled 101 km.
Arrow2.png 2009-10-22 50 11 - Reinhard cycled 32 km through heavy rain.
Arrow2.png 2009-12-22 50 11 - Reinhard cycled 14 km and built a snowman.
Arrow2.png 2010-01-06 50 11 - Manu and Reinhard drove to the frozen geohash.
Arrow2.png 2010-01-18 50 11 - Manu, Reinhard, Juja and Jens found the geohash in the middle of a road in Jena.
Arrow2.png 2010-01-21 50 11 - Reinhard combined driving to Leipzig with cyclinging 17 km at -8°C.
Arrow2.png 2010-01-27 50 11 - Juja, Manu and Reinhard cycled/drove/went to the geohash near Jena.
Arrow2.png 2010-02-11 50 11 - Reinhard cycled 15 km through cold Jena.
Arrow2.png 2010-02-12 50 11 - Manu and Reinhard drove a short detour to get to this hashpoint in Jena's outskirts.
Arrow2.png 2010-02-18 50 11 - Reinhard drove and cycled through the winter night to Kleina.
Arrow2.png 2010-02-25 50 11 - Reinhard drove and cycled through the winter night to Langenbuch.
Arrow2.png 2010-03-11 50 11 - Reinhard visited Achelstädt at midnight, starting a double hash day.
Arrow2.png 2010-03-12 50 11 - Manu speeded through the hashpoint on the A9 at 130 km/h.
Arrow2.png 2010-03-14 50 11 - Manu and Reinhard did a family weekend expedition to Almerswind.
Arrow2.png 2010-03-16 50 11 - Reinhard cycled 2*12 km to visit the hashpoint near Umpferstedt.
Arrow2.png 2010-09-24 50 11 - Mampfred visited a hash near his office.
Arrow4.png 2010-12-16 50 11 - Mampfred, Rincewind and LadyBB made a trip south of Erfurt but had to turn around due to mother nature
Arrow2.png 2011-02-04 50 11 - Juja found a good reason to cycle to cookie-eldorado once again.

While nobody seems to bother about updating this list anymore, it currently (12/2013) is still quite an active graticule.

From January to October 2013 it seems to be the most active graticule in Europe.

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