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Sun 17 May 2009 in 50,11:
50.7104108, 11.4668811

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A sunny bike trip of 70-100 km with Reinhard, Juja and her drag-along. I'm sure Juja will write something about it soon. Right?!


On Saturday evening I had convinced Manu and Reinhard to lead the way to the hash which was impossible to be found without a GPS gadget, so now I somehow feel obliged to write the report at least. Here it is!

Expedition: J&J[edit]

After having a party on Saturday, we got up late and had to clean the leftovers (okay, I got up very late and J. cleaned the leftovers all alone, I'm so lazy), so in the end we were a bit late at the place where we should meet Manu and Reinhard with our bikes. They were already waiting and had their revenge on the first few kilometers to Lobeda, where they easily lost us while we were still rubbing sleep and pollen out of our eyes. In Rutha we caught up and went on a little more relaxed, using the bike way via Maua, Rothenstein, Jägersdorf, Kahla, Freienorla and Niederkrossen. From there, the road wound up to Friedebach and after that we entered the deep, dark forest, where another rather steep way led us to the top of the hill. The Geohash was located nearly on the top, and after we despised a nice grassy way which would probably have brought us right there, we had to go some hundred meters over hedge and ditch to reach it. With aching legs we finally stood on the top of the middle-Thuringian world enjoying our picnic (of course, our little hashcots were also enjoying it - after all, they didn't have to walk themselves!). We went down to Uhlstädt on the other side of the hill and looked for something to eat then - we finally found a restaurant whose name I fortunately have already forgotten (but Manu might remember!), but it was the only one in the whole town and was surrounded by a faint smell of old toilets. The food was not too good either, so avoid it if you can! Soon after that, we decided to go seperate ways, as Reinhard was planning a tour of over 100km conquering a number of additional mountains and we were already tired, so we said Goodbye and went back the easy way by the river again. Nice tour, might have been 70-80km, and a four-course meal as our reward at home. I'm looking forward to going again in nice company like this! :) ---Paintedhell

Additions: Manu and Reinhard[edit]

After having visited the nice party at J&J's the evening before, Manu and I decided to get up a little earlier that Sunday for an hour of Squash at 9 am. We hurried to get home after that and to slip in our bike suits to reach the meeting place on time, what we perfectly did. Wondering what had happened to J&J, we were forced to sit in the sun at that nice fountain and wait ...

We were about to go on our own, when J&J finally arrived! We were a bit disappointed that they rode so slowly in our slipstream despite their long night and eventually gave up to dictate the speed in Rutha yielding the leadership to them.


When J&J decided to take the shortest way back, Manu and I agreed upon taking some extra detours for further kilometers and, not to forget, further ascents. Satisfied, we ended up at home with 101.5 km on my bike computer.

Thanks a lot to J&J who brought delicious Nudossi rolls to the hashpoint and of course Tux and Karl who enjoyed the meetup with Wischi and Mauz.



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