2009-04-29 50 11

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Wed 29 Apr 2009 in 50,11:
50.9594752, 11.5999441

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This hash was so near to my home (well, not near enough for Couch Potato Geohash honourable mention) that it would have been awkward not to reach it. The original plan was to go for Midnight Geohash, but this night it would have been accompanied by Drowned Rat Geohash and as I had already got wet to my bones three times on this day I preferred my cozy sofa to the wet, cold night. (Anyway, if I should go for Drowned Rat Geohash it would be even cooler to combine it with Formal Attire Geohash!) So on the next day I dedicated my lunch break to finding the coordinates (as always, only by sattellite picture). I intended to go all the way by bike because the meadow was really wet, but on the last few 100m I got on something like quicksand... well, quickmud, probably. So I walked the rest of the way, passing a flock of sheep, getting wet shoes and feet and then I finally reached the point near the second of three power poles in the field. As you might notice on the pictures, it was not too nice, all foggy and wet and a little spraying rain made my day complete. But anyway - I did it! And did not achieve any new ribbon... will someone finally create a hashcot ribbon for me, Manu and Reinhard? Paintedhell


None! Got it? Not one! Just for the hell of it!

(Edit 2009-07-03: Just found this one...)

Unfortunately it turns out that even that one cannot be claimed! On 27 May 2012 Eupeodes finally reported an expedition in 51,5 on the same day as this one. :-( — Benjw  {talk} 08:39, 9 September 2012 (EDT)
Is it true that Juja earned the Last (wo)man standing achievement?
In principle, yes.
But nearly three years later, another expedition was finally reported, invalidating the achievement (2009-04-29 50 11).