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Mon 7 Apr 2014 in 50,11:
50.9303006, 11.5534424

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In the forest near Bismarckturm in Jena.


Expedition: Juja[edit]

Successful midnight hash, yay! Today's coordinates surprised me, the point was at Couch Potato Honorable Mention distance to my favorite ninja's home and pretty easy, so I had the idea to take the chance and try a midnight geohash (since I am a big sleepyhead and staying up late is just as difficult as getting up early, so I could only get this achievement when the point was practically in my bed). The ninja was nice and accompanied me (although this ended in quite some cursing), I even marked the road with dry leaves (a mark that probably wouldn't even outlast the first car rushing by) and shortly after midnight we were back home in our beds.

Expedition: Anna[edit]

I was off work today and planning to do my grocery shopping, so when I saw how close the Hash was, I decided to take the (really) long way to the supermarket. It was sunny and warm, so I climbed up to the Bismarckturm barefoot, but when I reached a gravel road that turned out to be too harsh on my winter soft soles, I had to put on sandals again. The path from Bismarckturm to the spot was also a bit of a walk down memory lane. The enclosed area Jens mentioned is a children's education center where I went to summer camp every year of elementary school. A few school excursions also went there. I was honestly shocked how small the center's area actually is. I remembered it as quite a big, free space to run and play, but then I haven't been there since I was 11 or so. When I reached the spot, Juja's sign must have already blown away. I left my own charcoal sign on a tree near the spot; but since my GPS accuracy wasn't so good under the tree cover, it's probably not the exact same spot anyone else went.

Expedition: Jens[edit]

When I first saw the coordinates for today, I thought this might be a good chance to do another coordinated expedition with Juja. But I was to late. She already had her midnight hash. So I started alone after work and walked up the hill to the point. After half an hour of walking I easily found it laying only a few meters beside the path. Not far from here on the other side of the path there were thousands of children playing in a enclosed area, producing a lot of noise. But because of the fence between us I was able to avoid strange questions like "Why are you taking photos of a plush raven sitting on a broken branch?"

I looked for a mark Juja left, but didn’t see one. So maybe she didn’t mark the place or I am to stupid to find it. Let’s wait for her report to get the answer. I left the place and after 5 minutes of walking, I remembered that Juja mentioned Manu would come here too. So I could leave a mark for here. But this idea was 5 minutes too late and I didn’t want to go back again. So I continued to the Bismarckturm where I took a last photo before climbing down again.

Expedition: Manu, Reinhard and Bergie[edit]

Already owning the Midnight Geohash (except Bergie) and having to work or visit the KiTa, we could only start in the evening when Sandman was already gone to bed (not that anyone of us would have watched him ...). In contrast to all the other hashers approaching the hash directly from the steep Jena side, we decided to take a long detour by cycling along the road and coming from the opposite direction in the end. I (Reinhard) did the 0-m-shot some meters next to the road, but also couldn't find any hint for previous geohashers, especially not a single leaf on the road. On the way back we took the short detour to Bismarckturm, before we rolled down to Jena, where Bergie quickly had to take her bath and go to sleep.

Photos Juja[edit]

Juja and the Ninja started at 685m distance.  
Already there!  
Nothing much too see at this time of day...  
Hans enjoying the dark forest.  
Finally it's midnight.  
Marked the spot.  

Photos Anna[edit]

Bismarckturm again...  
Left my mark...  

Photos Jens[edit]

Coordinates reached  
Räbe sitting on a broken branch at the point  
View over the valley, 500m away from the point on the way back  
Räbe sitting in front of the Bismarckturm  
Nobody sitting in front of the Bismarckturm  

Photos Manu, Bergie, Reinhard[edit]

Coordinates reached.  
Looking back to the companions.  
Bergie with Mickey (1st hash!).  
Guess? Right!  
Guess? Wrong! Easy to confuse: Forest tower, not far from Bismarck tower.  


Juja earned the Midnight Geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 11) geohash on 2014-04-07 in the middle of the night.
Anna earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (50, 11) geohash on 2014-04-07 on foot, travelling a distance of 8km.