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Sun 24 Aug 2014 in 50,11:
50.6193152, 11.0633142

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Almost on a way between Herschdorf and Allersdorf, Thuringia.



I completely forgot to check the cooridinates for the weekend, but on Saturday Reinhard dropped the hint that I would of course visit the Sunday hash on my way home (from my parents to Jena) as it was no detour at all, so when the weather seemed to clear up on Sunday I asked Manu for the exakt coordinates (I woke her up from her after-lunch nap, I'm so sorry!). As I explained to my mom: given you picked the right route before, visiting the Geohash would really be no detour at all!

The right route wasn't the shortest one, but it wasn't so much longer and also I probably never used the road between Neustadt a. Rwg. and Königssee, so Geohashing once more introduced me to unknown areas. This route was very nice (at least in the current sunny weather, headed towards Königssee and with a good wind in my back), so I enjoyed it a lot, and there was even a tiny road passing some meters by the hash, so I could go there without any trouble and then soon continue my nice ride to Jena.


Overlooking Herschdorf.  
The road to the Geohash.  
I'm there!  
Bench, some meters near the Geohash.  
Lots of little burs picked up at the point.  
Memorial stone for German Unification Day (but why? why there?)  
Lovely way home.  
It goes downhill from here, so check your brakes.  
Leuchtenburg in the evening sun.