2009-08-01 50 11

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Sat 1 Aug 2009 in 50,11:
50.8330528, 11.1372207

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August 1st, 2009 was the day, when Manu and Reinhard wanted to celebrate their 1st hashiversary, no matter what it would cost them. Manu and Reinhard planned to travel from Jena to Erfurt (celebrate a golden wedding) and further on to Schleusingerneundorf on that day, so they would cross major parts of the 50 11 and 50 10 graticule. The hashpoint on that sunny Saturday turned out to be located in a field near Achelstädt, which was just a small detour (28 km) on their way to Erfurt. They were happy to be allowed to drive close to the edge of the hashpoint field, firstly on a paved road, later on a field path, because they wore neat clothes (and shoes!) due to the golden wedding celebration. Unfortunately, the clothes weren't really neat enough for counting for the Formal attire achievement. The adjacent fields weren't harvested, yet, so Manu and Reinhard were a bit afraid, not to be able to reach the hashpoint, but then they saw, that the assumed hash field was fallow land, so they struggled through the field for about 200 m, when Reinhard noticed that the hashpoint was in fact some meters southward in a farmed field of what Manu identified as sugar beets. Luckily, there were spaces between the plants, where Manu and Reinhard could walk, so they happily reached the hashpoint on their 1st hashiversary (in the same graticule!).


Manu and Reinhard earned the 1st Hashiversary achievement
by attempting a hash point exactly on the 1st anniversary of their inaugural geohashing expedition.