2010-12-16 50 11

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Thu 16 Dec 2010 in 50,11:
50.8975937, 11.0819564

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Behind the A4 south or Erfurt in a field.



Get there in the evening despite the snow and wind.


Found the area all right but couldn't find a spot to park the car along the main road. So we tried a different approach through a nearby little village which seemed to be only a small detour on our way. Made it up to about 1.5km apart from the hash by car.

It was already dark and the thermometer showed about -5°C (with lots of wind so it felt more like -15°C) but we started walking toward the hash and almost immediately hit a solid snow cover of about about 30-40cm which was all we could see all the way to the hash. Tried a 100m sprint through the snow but decided that there was no way we could go on all the way to the hash with the shoes we had without freezing something we might still need the following day.

So - sadly - we snapped a group photo and turned around to give up :(





MNB Ribbon.jpg
Mampfred, Rincewind and LadyBB earned the "Mother Nature's Bitch" Consolation Prize
by failing to reach the (50, 11) geohash on 2010-12-16.