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Mon 8 Sep 2014 in Erfurt:
50.2515374, 11.8272553

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Today's location is at the edge of a forest (the "unfaithful forest") near Konradsreuth, not far from Hof.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); Regierungsbezirk: Oberfranken; district: Hof rural district.



Over the weekend I was in Würzburg. My 6th hashiversary was on Sunday and the nearest hashpoint was only 20 km away, but it was in a field, I didn't want to take the car and the public transport options were bad, so I didn't go. The following week I had to work the late shift so I returned to Dresden on Monday. There were two hashpoints along the way, the 50 10 one in a forest off the federal road near Coburg and the 50 11 one near Hof. The former seemed more interesting and I planned to visit it, taking the federal road instead of the Autobahn would mean at least 30 minutes additional driving time and then 45 minutes walking through the forest. I started later than planned and on the way I decided I didn't want to be one hour late for work, so I stayed on the Autobahn and decided to visit the 50 11 hashpoint.

I left the Autobahn A9 at the Münchberg north exit and drove past the commertial area and through Münchberg to the B2 federal road. I followed that one until I passed Weisslenreuth, then I stopped the car on a field track next to the road. I could see the hashforest and nearby pond from there and started walking along and across a meadow, then alongside the forest. An overgrown forest track was coming out of the forest right next to the hashpoint and one GPS dance later I was at the spot. After taking pictures I ate the last muffin I had left from my birthday party, then I started to walk back. There were ponds near the hashpoint and I went to the nearest one, which was partly surrounded by reed. When I came near I heard splashing which turned out to be frogs jumping in the pond after noticing me. I don't know whether they were pool frogs, edible frogs, marsh frogs, or a combination of them. Then I went to the car and continued my journey. Trying to take the shortest route I drove through Hof, which took longer than planned. The journey on the Autobahn went as usual and I was at the Dresden exit at 15:07, 23 minutes before I had to work. Usually it takes 20 minutes from the Autobahn exit to the hospital, but the stupid traffic lights and the stupid other drivers and the stupid construction site road blocks and the stupid not-available parking spaces made me 10 minutes late.

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