2009-08-10 50 11

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Mon 10 Aug 2009 in 50,11:
50.8559601, 11.4619887

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Today's geohash is in the village of Milda (Dorfstraße 33). According to GPS accuracy, it should be somebody's couch potato geohash (or at least front lawn potato geohash), but I doubt that the person will know. Is somebody brave enough to tell the one what a lucky bastard he is?

Expedition: Juja[edit]

My (second) holiday started today and the point was quite near, so I promised Reinhard and Manu to get it (for the fame of 50,11 of course). I got up with J. in the early morning (for IT guys, that means before 8 a.m.) - luckily, because like that he was able to remind me of taking funny photos (hell, I forgot my camera! Detour to my home...) and I started when it was still... well, not cold, but tolerable. I knew that on the way to Milda I would go uphill most of the time, and in the course of the day it got really close and hot (especially from Bucha on, when there are no more trees near the road). I finally reached Milda quite exhausted, drank my colorful isotonic electrolyte drink (nasty, but I needed a bottle like this for something else) and took photos of the point. When I photographed my mice (today Frankie and Benjy Mouse came as stand-ins for Tux and Karl) an old man from Milda came up to me and asked me whether I was shooting a stop-trick animation movie. Was quite nice, but I wasn't brave enough to explain to him why I really was there. At the end, I marked the road (not exactly on the spot, but I think everyone looking for the point should see it, too) and went home again, finally downhill.