2014-10-11 50 11

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Sat 11 Oct 2014 in 50,11:
50.9322137, 11.4356845

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On a field near Lehnstedt, Thuringia. Weather is pretty wet, so Geohashers can look forward to mud up to their ankles.



Another one of those "Too close to miss"-Geohashes - but I am probably the only Jena Geohasher feeling that way, so it was clear I had to take care for it (someone prove me wrong? Please?). Cycled there after a late breakfast, due to heavy fog and very wet ground I tried to stay on concrete roads as much as possible, but the few hundred meters to the hash were enough to put some dirt on me which the Ninja couldn't ignore when I arrived back at his cozy home.


Foggy way to the Geohash.  
Point is on the left stubble field.  
The usual Geohashing audience.  
And that's what the field looks like... yay.  
Parked my bike at a harvester...  
...and reached the point.  
View from the Geohash back to my bike.  
Using the tested and approved tricks again.  
Not the most obvious Hashmark, but the material wasn't that perfect.