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Sat 12 Apr 2014 in 50,11:
50.9129615, 11.3410758

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The hash lies in the forest of Buchfart, about one kilometer southeast of the village.




Jens and Juja


I can hitchhike to this place! But I will do this only, if other geohashers are announcing their coming until Saturday morning, about 9 o'clock! This can become a xkcd-meetup. Otherwise I will go to [[2014-04-12 52 7]].

I want to go there by bike, but I won't go if it's raining. If any other Jenaer geohashers want to go by bike, I'm open to meeting in Jena and going together. Maybe start out at 2pm to be there at 4? ScepticAnna (talk)

Juja and Jens will also join the meeting. We will go there by bike and start at 2.30pm on the bike path at Papiermühle.



I am starting just now for Buchfart. One another geohasher maybe coming is enough reason for doing so. 9:00 MESZ.

With two lifts I arrived at the western end of Weimar and I needed 50 minutes to walk to the southern end. After another short lift I arrived at the motorway junction. From there I walked across fields and forests and Buchfart to the hash. Suddenly I saw three geohashers on my way. After some talk I went onto the hill for the hash. Afterwards I climbed the hill to the top and then I walked to Kiliansroda and Mechelroda. On the street behind Mechelroda I got a lift to the service station Eichelborn and with two more cars I reached Kassel and I arrived at home at 21:30.

Juja, Anna and Jens[edit]

After the last hash on Monday has been an accumulation of single person expeditions this time we tried this coordination stuff once again and - believe it or not – 3 persons met in Jena to cycle together to the point. I guess Georg Der Reisende accidentally caused this incident by announcing his presence for today.

However, Juja, Anna (our new geohasher in town) and Jens (the person just sitting at the keyboard) met at half past two at the edge of Jena to start the expedition on our bikes. We used the obvious way via Großschwabhausen and Mellingen. In Oettern I proposed to leave the road and start following the paths through the forest into the points direction. Since I remembered that the direct way from Buchfart crosses a lot of contour lines. I’m not sure whether this was the best choice, since there were enough contour lines on this way too, probably even more. And the way was longer, of course. So let’s quickly forget, who had this idea. However, we reached the point a quarter to 4.

We parked our bikes and started looking for Georg, but he had not arrived yet. So we decided to climb up the hill to the point in our group of three. We wandered around staring at our GPS devices to get the zero-distance photo, which was not easy under a cover of trees and clouds. Lucky Juja was the first to cry “I got it”. After this was done, we went back to our bikes, where we left a mark for Georg, for the case that he would be too late. But while we were creating our mark, I noticed him in the distance. After some minutes of small talk he started climbing up the hill and we left the point to go back to Jena again. This time the direct way down, which was made of terrible stones. Finally Juja had the idea to go back via Magdala and Bucha. So at the end we had a nice down hill run to complete a nice expedition.


Juja, Anna and Jens[edit]

A rabbit watching our expedition  
Hashpoint reached!  
Jens and Anna are still looking for the exact position.  
Räbe and Woschi at the point  
The mark we left on the path below the point  
Georg arrives  
Georg starts climbing up the hill  
Some artwork I met on my way home  


View from the Holzdorfer Kreuz to the hash  
The bridge over the river Ilm in Buchfart  
A watermill in Buchfart  
Three geohashers in a forest  
Three geohashers preparing for their way home  
At the point  
View to the valley  
View to the west  
View to the north  
View to the east  
A geohasher  
A mark  
The dance of the pointer  


GeorgDerReisende earned the Thumbs Up Geohash Achievement
by hitchhiking to the (50, 11) geohash on 2014-04-12, and withstanding the Vogon poetry of the driver.
GeorgDerReisende earned the xkcd Decurion achievement
by attending 12 Saturday meetups.
Juja, Jens and Anna earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 52.3 km to and from the (50, 11) geohash on 2014-04-12.