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Mon 14 Jul 2014 in Erfurt:
50.4024204, 11.8453082

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Today's location is in a field between Hirschberg-Venzka (Thuringia) and Töpen (Bavaria), near Hof.

Country: Germany; state: Thüringen (Thuringia, EU:DE:TH); district: Saale-Orla-Kreis.



After tensely watching Germany win the football world cup ("GÖÖÖÖÖTZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! SCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! Vierundfünfzigvierundsiebzigneunzigzwanzigvierzehn") together with my friends in Würzburg, I still had to get to Dresden in time for work the following morning. At 00:30 I started and promptly found my way blocked by the cars of celebrating football fans, but after a detour through side streets I reached the Autobahn. Two hours later I left the A72 at the Hof/Töpen exit, drove through Töpen and, directly after passing the creek that seperates Bavaria from Thuringia, parked the car on a forest track. I got out and started following that track on foot towards the hashpoint. One minute later I remembered that the hashpoint was at the edge of a field and that it had been raining, so I went back to the car, changed into older shoes, drove the car a little bit further away from the main road and started out again.

Since it was late in the night, I still had to go quite far, and I wanted to get my circulation going, I started to run to save time. I ran along the forest track, lighting the way with my phone's lamp. Even so it took a while to get near the hashpoint, but at 03 a.m. I was near it. I had to take 3 or 4 steps into the wet field, pushing the plants aside while doing so, to get near enough to the spot. Then I turned back, taking a small shortcut through the thin band of forest that was next to the track. While doing that I heard the sounds of wild pigs. Then I partly walked, partly ran back to the car. My feet were very wet from the ground and the gras on the track, my lower legs were very wet from the hashfield and my body and head were very wet from my sweat, so the car windows fogged very quickly. I continued my way to Dresden, where I arrived at 05:30, after sunrise. After three hours of sleep it was very hard to get up for the midmorning shift, and it was not a quiet shift at all.

The detour I made to get to the hashpoint took 1 hour and 7 minutes, I walked/ran 3.9 km.

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