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Thu 11 Feb 2010 in 50,11:
50.9651899, 11.6406107

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Expedition: Reinhard[edit]

This hashpoint was so close to my working space (2.4 km air distance) that I couldn't miss it! Since I wanted to take care of some things in the city (Jena) after work, I planned to take the bike from home to work. When I got out of the house in the morning, I realized that it had snowed much in the night and that I couldn't ride the bike properly due to the not cleared roads. So I decided to put my bike in the car instead and drive to work. A lot more of snow fell during the day, but it should be possible to ride some km into the city and also to the hashpoint. Temperature was around -4°C, which felt very cold in the humid air. I handled my issues in the city ...

DAMN! I just clicked the back button of my computer mouse (not having more than this in the cache), so don't be surprised, if the rest of this story is reading worse.

  • passed my working place by 500 m
  • in Kunitz decided in favor of staying on the road instead of taking an easy field path directly going to the hashpoint (1.1 km)
  • left the bike at the road, where it was closer to the hashpoint
  • took photos with my new camera
  • walked through a field
  • crossed a dense and steep (veeeery steep) band of bushes and trees by jumping from tree to tree (not standing on them, but grabbing them to avoid sliding down the slope)
  • saw a sign (protected landscape) which forbids to leave paths (too late for me, I guess!)
  • walked to the hash using snow-covered field path and crossing the field
  • took further pictures
  • was delighted by the good (handheld!) photos of the dark surroundings
  • wasn't able to push the tiny camera's small buttons properly with frozen, numb fingers in the dark
  • went back through the field
  • successfully climbed the slope without getting pierced into my eyes by branches (thanks to the bike goggles)
  • rode back to work, where my car waited for me to bring me home
  • total bike distance (including city trip): 15 km
  • total walking distance: 1.3 km
  • Lessons learned: make a backup copy of your work after EVERY sentence!

The road I came from Kunitz. Difficult to ride due to the snow. (Handheld photo :)  
View towards the hash (handheld).  
Trying to find out, how far I'd have to go, but by mistake chose the wrong hashpoint saved.  
Don't leave the paths!  
Coordinates reached! Correct hashpoint. ;)  
View towards Kunitz and Jena from the hashpoint (handheld).  
My intelligent camera thought, it might be better to take two pictures of me ...  
... but couldn't decide, which one was better, so it saved both of them.  

Retro Expedition: Juja[edit]

Ok, this was exactly what is not recommended for a retro expedition: a really easy hash. But as I missed three more or less easy geohashes in the last two weeks and the weather on 2010-02-20 was so exceedingly fine, I decided to visit them all three in a row, this one being the first.

The road to Kunitz was not snowy any more, but what looked like water first turned out to be ice, so I better walked my bike (along with another biker who had the same problems). I was not distracted by the other geohash of last July, so I took the "right" way, which went right to the field. Of course, this one was even more frozen, so I walked, and where the ice already had disappeared there was knee-deep mud. Anyway, reached it! And on we go to the next...

Proof of coordinates.  
Now the hash was all muddy, but still beautiful...  
A small penguin in his natural environment.