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Mon 27 Jul 2009 in 50,11:
50.9943346, 11.4974004

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Reinhard thought this would be an easy hash, when he started in the evening from home with his bike to the hash that seemed to lie between a field and a small forest some km south of Apolda. When Reinhard had passed Kleinromstedt, he had to leave the road onto a field path, from where it was still 1.4 km to the hashpoint. Reinhard missed the hashpoint by about 20 m, because there was an electrically fenced area containing apple trees on the meadow. Though he didn't see any animals, he, of course, didn't cross the fence, but continued his bike trip at the edges of the field, mostly pushing the bike until he got to Sulzbach. Nevertheless, the trip was a success in the end, because Reinhard discovered a concrete slab path connecting the road between Oberndorf and Kapellendorf with Rödigsdorf.