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Thu 11 Mar 2010 in 50,11:
50.8358529, 11.1241861

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Last geohash expedition was two weeks ago and finally a hashpoint wasn't too far from Jena. Even better, I was visiting my mother in Erfurt and was driving back late that evening, so that I could get to next day's hashpoint at midnight by taking a detour of 27 km. I started in Erfurt at 23:30 and got to Achelstädt at 23:44. There I parked just 50 m away from the hashpoint at the end of a blind alley. I got out, found the hashpoint on the frozen field, took some photos and waited in the cold night for the clock to strike twelve. Then I took further pictures proving that Simon, Procter and I were still there at the hashpoint on the correct day and went back to the car and drove home to Jena where I got at 0:42.

Later that day, I went on an expedition in the neighbor graticule, thus doing a successful double geohash.

-- Reinhard

Achelstädt reached.  
Coordintes reached.  
XKCD marker drawn.  
Nearby houses (to the West) and invisible car in front.  
Happy midnight geohashers Procter, Reinhard and Simon.