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Fri 4 Feb 2011 in 50,11:
50.8029798, 11.6170145

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Near Kahla, in walking distance to Leuchtenburg and Seitenroda. Could be nice, let's see.


Juja, Karl and Tux


I will try to get there after work by bike or train (depending on time and weather), between 5 and 6 o'clock. Anybody joining me?


The weather got worse in the afternoon, so I decided to be absolutely girlish today and take the train on the way to the geohash. So I had an easy ride to Kahla, from where I proceeded to ride my bike the last few kilometers to the hash. There was one hell of a storm going on, but the wind was perfectly in my back, so it was not too difficult to cycle that hill with an altitude of something more than 100 meters (the only difficulty was not being blown from the street).

On top, near Seitenroda and in nice viewing distance to Leuchtenburg, the hash lay peacefully on a meadow which (of course) was very muddy (but not so muddy as the usual field). I left my bike beside the street and walked down, took some photos (long term exposure is a fine thing when it's already dark, and having a tripod is even better - sometimes my preparation is really working!) and then hurriedly cycled back to Kahla, now struggling against a strong headwind.

I was right on time when I arrived at the true destination of the trip: the factory outlet of Kahla's cookie factory ;) On my way there I got honked off the road more than once, but the smell that's emanating from the factory alone assured me it was all worth it. Between the lots and lots of cookies Karl and Tux got very hungry and so I allowed them to choose their favorites - I hope they'll share... Yeah, and from there home through the complete darkness, but I survived and my shoes are dirty again. Like every time.


View to Leuchtenburg castle (that's about how dark it really was).  
Proof of location.  
Karl and Tux sitting on the point, Leuchtenburg in the background (much lighter than in reality).  
Seitenroda - I've been there!  
The true destination: cookies! I love cookies!  
Karl and Tux at my bike, happy about their rich booty.