2009-08-28 50 11

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Fri 28 Aug 2009 in Erfurt:
50.5643503, 11.9348701

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Today's location is in a piece of forest between Thierbach and Mühltroff, not far from Pausa.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); administrative region: Chemnitz; district: Vogtlandkreis


srs0, Danatar, thepiguy[edit]

This expedition is part 2 of an ultrahash done on the way to the big 2009-08-29 52 13 meetup, and was on day 1 of a 3-day consecutive geohash:

  • Day 1:
  1. 2009-08-28 49 10
  2. 2009-08-28 50 11
  3. 2009-08-28 51 11
  4. 2009-08-28 52 12
  • Day 2:
  1. 2009-08-29 52 13
  • Day 3:
  1. 2009-08-30 51 13
  2. 2009-08-30 51 12
  3. 2009-08-30 50 12
  4. 2009-08-30 50 11
  5. 2009-08-30 50 10

After visiting the 49 10 hashpoint we took the Autobahn A9 north. There was a small traffic jam, but it didn't last long and during that srs0 succeeded in installing the navigation system. In Schleiz we got off the Autobahn and followed the navigation system's instructions. Danatar also had hand-written directions prepared but he had to drive and the others couldn't read his writing. There were signs indicating a road block in Lössau but nobody of us knew where Lössau is (it was not on the hand-written route) so we didn't care much. Then we arrived at a "road block ahead, no passage" sign. Apparently the navigation system's route was not the same Danatar had written down. We turned right into the next side street/hamlet. The navigation system said "calculating new route... turn left, then turn left": It really wanted us to drive through the road block. We stopped and Danatar looked up a different route with his laptop (hooray for Germany-wide mobile internet). We didn't want to return all the way to Schleiz so we drove along a field track to the next village which was on Danatar's hand-written driving instructions. From there is was over small, winding, tree-lined country roads ("this is the kind of road people die on") until about one kilometre from the hashpoint. On the last bit there was only an unpaved track with potholes, so Danatar had to drive very carefully.

We stopped about 100 metres from the hashpoint and saw... a fence! NOOOO! Oh, wait, the fence is only between the meadow and the forest, not between the forest and the road. Hooray! We went into the forest and about 10 metres from the hashpoint we saw... a fence! NOOOO! Oh, wait, it's only a tiny clearing fenced in, we can go around. Hooray! The hashpoint was in a ditch on the other side of the fenced-in clearing. We took pictures and went back to the car.

While Danatar tried to turn, srs0 entered the next coordinates and the navigation system told us to continue. Wait, further along THIS track? - Yes. - Okay... After another kilometre of bad tracks we were in a village we already knew, faster than it would have been had we turned around, so the navigation system was right. We drove back to Schleiz and continued north to 51 11.