2010-01-06 50 11

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Wed 6 Jan 2010 in 50,11:
50.8323174, 11.6280047

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Manu was visiting Reinhard in the evening of that day and they hadn't big plans, so they decided to go for their first geohash in the new year, which was just some km south of Jena. There was still much snow, even on roads, so they decided to take the car and drive somewhere near the hashpoint. Simon was already waiting in the car, when they started their expedition from Reinhard's home. Some kind of field path was leading very close to the hash point, but Reinhard thought they would have to walk on it, which would have meant about 1.6 km from the closest road south of Oelknitz. Instead it turned out, that it was rather a small road (pavement unknown due to snow) and that there were driving several cars before (see 1st picture). Since it was quite cold, Reinhard drove on having fun with this kind of winter rallye - though he wasn't sitting in a rallye car.

When they got closer to the hashpoint, they stopped an parked beside the path and walked into the forest, at the beginning using a forest path, to the hashpoint, which was less than 300 m away. Reinhard took out his digital thermometer and they waited for some minutes till outdoor temperature nearly remained static. According to the thermometer, it was -6.6°C, but it might have been a bit colder. Sadly, the cable to the sensor (which was jammed into the terrace door of Reinhard's flat before) broke while playing with it and hence there were no further measurements. Thus, we just took some more photos of us in the hash forest and walked back to the car to warm ourselves up and drive home.

Nice field road.  
Coordinates reached - GPS drifting quickly.  
Manu, Simon and Reinhard at their frozen geohash.  
Manu and Simon.  
-6.6°C and maybe less.  
Simon and Reinhard on their way back to the car.  


Manu and Reinhard earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (50, 11) geohash on 2010-01-06 while the temperature was -6.6°C.