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Thu 28 Aug 2014 in 50,11:
50.8878638, 11.5279449

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In a small stretch of forest on Knoll mountain, between Bucha and Coppanz, Thuringia.



Today the point was too close to miss once again, but since I seem to be surrounded by a bunch of sloth bears I ended up being the one responsible for going to the Geohash. Anyway I had planned to go running with some friends first, which took slightly longer than expected, so when I started biking to the Geohash (and I didn't really want to, since my legs felt half-dead already) it was getting dark. But it was a mild evening (probably the last for this summer) and so I didn't feel cold at least.

I found the right way to the Geohash from Bucha, but it was overgrown with thicket and only by a lucky stroke of fate did I come home without a flat tyre. Anyway, the luck seems to have been used up with this: where the way passed the Geohash point there was thicket all around, and the point was still at almost 50 meters distance. I tried to work my way inside the mess, but I only made a few meters and it didn't seem to get any better, and since the GPS signal was also drifting heavily in the forest the attempt did not seem to make sense, I gave up and cycled back home through the darkness.


The way to the Geohash. I am expecting the worst...  
...and here it is. The Geohash point...  
...lies 48m into this thicket.