2009-10-22 50 11

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Thu 22 Oct 2009 in 50,11:
50.8922196, 11.4784453

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Today was a good day for geohashers from Jena since the hashpoint was just about 12 km from the city. Today was also a day, on which everyone would be dying not to go outside, but stay at home under his/her warm blanket. That made the day a good chance for Reinhard to earn the Drowned rat achievement.

In deed, it was raining and about 6°C/43°F, when Reinhard left his home in Jena-Cospeda at 20:00, probably being the only person in a significant circumference riding a bike at that time. But he had good reasons to do so: First, he wasn't geohashing since 10 days. Second, he had a swollen knee the last days, which he wanted to test on a short trip before doing so on a longer one tomorrow. Third, he had a new bike headlight (Reinhard finally uses 21st century LED technology instead of halogen bulbs.) which he wanted to test for the same reason. And last but not least he wanted to become a drowned rat. Thus, it didn't take long, till his feet (despite overshoes) and fingers (despite Gore-Tex gloves) got wet and cold. At least his rain jacket proved to work well and kept him reasonably warm. Finding the way to the hashpoint was of course no problem at all, not only because this hashpoint was only 300 m away from an earlier August geohash Reinhard had visited as well.

The hashpoint lay on a field, which was the bad thing about the expedition. It was just about 60 m into the muddy field, but also the field path was mainly consisting of puddles. No way to get there without making your shoes weigh 1 kg afterwards. Well, that didn't stop Reinhard from looking for the exact location and taking some photos together with Waschi (whose first and last geohashing expedition this might have been, because he will delight an other person soon) and Wischi in the light rain. It also didn't stop raining on the way back, so it have been 32 km in the rain. Anyway, the worst part of the expedition began after coming home at 21:30, when Reinhard cleaned his shoes and overshoes in the shower ...

Reinhard, Wischi and Waschi earned the Drowned Rat Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (50, 11) geohash on 2009-10-22 despite being thoroughly wet from cycling 16+16 km through the rainy night.