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Sun 20 Apr 2014 in 50,11:
50.7741127, 11.4566122

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On a meadow near Heilingen.



Today was Easter Sunday and the weather was fine, so we mounted our bikes after breakfast and went to visit the Ninja's family. After we had lunch, a little nap in the sun and some cake we were eager to cycle some more - and at least I was eager to visit today's Geohash, because although it was not so far from my home I have never been in that valley and always wanted to explore those hills.

So I went alone and directly over every hill that could be found - not the shortest possible route, but quite possibly the most beautiful. The only drawback was the weather, because when we started in the morning everything looked so fine that I took no rainclothes with me, but while I was cycling to the Geohash I noticed lots of menacing clouds around me, and I was just lucky that the huge grey ones were never directly above my head until I reached the point.

But the last bit of way to the point (coming from Dienstädt) was not so easy to find, I gave Garmin routing on OSM another chance but it soon drove me nuts. After I had reached the top of the last hill I just ignored the routing and went on on whatever was faintly reminiscent of a path - the worst path was the one leading to the point which was a dotted line on my GPS but really nonexistent in reality. But the clouds got darker, so I didn't care, cycled over the meadow, hurriedly took a proof photo (didn't have the nerve for 0m-dances) and rushed on down the valley, away from the rain that just started.

I was almost successful and managed to stay dry for a bit longer, but at Jägersdorf the rain finally started and though I hurried all the way back home to Jena I was a complete drowned rat when I arrived there.


Starting in the sunshine...  
...but the rainclouds are already lurking in the distance.  
April weather near Reinstädt.  
Sunny pine trails I did not know yet.  
View from Kugelberg.  
View to the hash.  
Hashpoint reached (still on my bike).  
The clouds are getting darker (view from the hash).