2010-02-12 50 11

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Fri 12 Feb 2010 in 50,11:
50.8925750, 11.5757257

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Expedition: Manu and Reinhard[edit]

It's weekend! Meaning that Manu came from Leipzig to Jena and together they drove on to Erfurt. Taking a short detour of 15 km through the city of Jena they could reach this very easy hashpoint, which was situated at the edge of Jena's urban district Winzerla in front of some garages, nearly on the road. There's still much snow in Germany, so minor roads and especially dead ends like this one are bad to drive on, but Manu and Reinhard could practically drive through the hash. Nevertheless they got out of the car and found the exact position - or at least the position, which the GPS device told them was the exact position in that moment (behind the snow at the wayside) and took some pictures. That's the kind of geohashes, which you might not remember forever, but which are just too easy not to visit.

Coordinates reached.  
Manu (underneath the trees on the left) standing at the hashpoint. The car parked very close.  
Manu with Kroko, Simon, Mauz, Krokmodon and Dracho.  
Reinhard accompanying them.  
The other direction (looking southwest).  

Retro Expedition: Juja[edit]

As the actual geohash of 2010-02-20 was not within bike reach and I still wanted to go somewhere, I decided to do a triple-retro-hash instead, this one being the last (after visiting Kunitz and Eckolstädt).

After having made the hash in Eckolstädt, I was resolved to avoid any kind of snow and ice, so instead of going the short but snowy way back to Wilsdorf, I took the somewhat ridiculous (but, at least, sunny) detour, passing Wormstedt, Kösnitz, Zimmern, Stiebritz, Nerkewitz, Lehesten, Rödigen and from there on went back to Jena. I still had to pass the whole city (and go back, of course), and I already was quite exhausted, so I cursed the maze of concrete streets and concrete blocks I had to pass to get to the last hash. But finally I found it, did not regret missing it before, took the compulsory photos of my little ones and hurried home again where I dropped on my lovely sofa - finally...

Proof of coordinates.  
Tux looking at that same houses Manu and Reinhard had already visited the week before.