2010-03-14 50 11

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Sun 14 Mar 2010 in 50,11:
50.3761059, 11.0114844

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Manu and Reinhard were still spending their weekend at Manu's parents. Sunday's (Pi day) geohash was a 31 km drive from there. They went on a quick family excursion together with Manu's father driving and her mother co-piloting. There was no good place to park very close to the hashpoint, which was 120 m from the road between Schalkau and Almerswind on a party snow-covered meadow, so they just stopped at the roadside and Manu's parents were waiting in the car while Manu and Reinhard were running to the hashpoint with Göker, the regular inhabitant of Manu's father's car. They took some photos and went back to the car and continued the trip to Froschgrundsee, where a big railway bridge under construction is crossing the valley. Before lunch they were back home.

Leaving Schalkau and heading towards Almerswind.  
Coordinates reached.  
Reinhard, Manu and Göker at the hashpoint.  
View to the car.  
Two Manus and a panorama. Houses of Almerswind on the right.  
Manu getting back to the car.  
ICE bridge at Froschgrundsee. New railway line from Erfurt to Nürnberg (Nuremberg).