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Thu 25 Feb 2010 in 50,11:
50.5651943, 11.9032348

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The hashpoint was pretty far from Jena, but since it was on or really close to a road, Reinhard decided to get there anyhow. After work he drove to A9 exit Schleiz and parked the car nearby. From there he started his little bike trip, that made him collect many new kilometers with elevation profile for the quaeldich.de trip planner. He easily arrived in Langenbuch, where he at first thought, the exact position might be in a residential house or at least in its garden, but when he got really close to the hedgerow, he could make his GPS device show 0 meters distance. Coordinates reached! Then he took some photos and wrote a SMS to Manu that he was successful and continued the bike trip. Reinhard thought, he already made it, but then he was taught that the winter wasn't over, yet, because he had to stumble through over .5 m high snowbanks for several hundred meters once again. That happens, when you are not using public roads in winter. He got back to the car after 41.5 km cycling and was at home shortly after 10 pm.

Coordintes reached.  
Reinhard at the hashpoint.  
View towards Waldhäuser.  
Hashpoint crossing.  
Right at the Autobahn exit there is a famous race track called Schleizer Dreieck.