2008-10-03 50 11

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Fri 3 Oct 2008 in 50,11:
50.7669873, 11.4222070

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I've seen it all, I was here first... for the sake of not making the discussion completely senseless, I'll leave this statement here. And very ape I am! I saw the location just some hours before and thought it would be nice to drop by on my way home, as this was only a detour of ten km or so, given that I found the right way. Which wasn't the case. As I was driving home, I was going by car this time, taking my friend with me so one of us could do the driving while the other had his hands free for navigation (i. e., waving at people passing by and asking them the way), but still, we had quite an argument about turns and crossings (and I was right all the time!) The hashpoint was near Dorndorf, which isn't to easy to spot on a low-resolution map. When we finally found a road there, it turned out to be closed for destruction. So we tried it the other way round, and slightly disbelieving (we even passed a small boy with a three-legged dog on a muddy cartway) we reached the destination. Only drop-by as I have mentioned, so we only took some photos and left for lunch. By the way, all the middle of Germany (especially B89) is full of roadworks and traffic lights. Yawn. ---Paintedhell


None, this time.