2009-08-22 50 11

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Sat 22 Aug 2009 in 50,11:
50.3733159, 11.3712666

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Manu and Reinhard spent the weekend in the Thuringian forest and thought about what to do on that Saturday. There hasn't been any close hashpoint, but the 50-11-hashpoint looked reachable and was in a nice area in the Frankenwald, so they decided to drive most of the way (to Pressig) with the bikes in the car and then cycle the rest to the hashpoint, which was about 10 km from Pressig near Wickendorf on a meadow. That's what they did (mostly cycling uphill from Pressig) and after the successful and unspectacular geohash they continued their ride always going up or down back to Pressig - in the end it was a bike trip of 47.4 km with 867 m total ascent and a bit more of driving ...