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In this category the geohasher would have arrived at the coordinates, and really really wanted to, but had to turn back because of, you guessed it, time constraints. That could be time before midnight, time before curfew or time before their prearranged search and rescue activation. It could also just be all the time the geohashers concerned were willing to spend on the expedition.

If the expedition took far longer than planned because of headwinds or transportation problems, consider Category:Not reached - Mother Nature or Category:Not reached - Technology, respectively. If the geohashers eventually reached the coordinates, but on the wrong day, class the expedition as Category:Not reached - Incorrect date.

If any geohasher reaches the coordinates on the correct day then the expedition should be classed instead as Category:Coordinates reached. Class it here only if no one reaches the coordinates.

If the expedition was cancelled because of time constraints before anybody left the starting point, it instead counds as Category:Not reached - Did not attempt.

This category was created to replace Category:Failed - Time Constraints to remove the stigma of failure from someone following the rules of geohashing.

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