2013-08-15 52 6

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Thu 15 Aug 2013 in 52,6:
52.4968941, 6.8817539

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The hash lies near the street Bookesch in Uelsen, county Grafschaft Bentheim.



The different maps and services do not show the distance between the hash and the street. Maybe it lies to far on a not harvested field or it lies near the street. The proof can only made by personal inspection. Because it is an important place and graticule for an regional achievement, I have to do this.


I failed again. Maybe I started in Kassel too late, but I waited at the motorway for two hours, but after a break I got a lift to the service station Am Biggenkopf, but there I waited for another hour. Then I thought, that I couldn't reach the hash in time and I gave up.

On my way home I got a car to Göttingen and have made 2013-08-15 51 9.