2009-04-10 49 9

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Fri 10 Apr 2009 in Würzburg:
49.8624990, 9.9597201

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Today's location is between trees (perhaps an orchard) in Rimpar. Danatar used the track next to the hashpoint for the 2008-09-29 expedition (which ended with a flat tire!).

Weather: sunny



The weather was great, so I took my bike for a short tour to get away from my books for some fresh air, sunlight and a hashpoint. After 3 kilometres, when I was crossing an intersection in the suburb Versbach, I heard "plopfffffffffffffffffffffffffff" and 5 seconds later my front tire was flat.

It seems my bike doesn't like expeditions to the north, as all of my punctures have been on expeditions in that direction. I had learned from the 2008-09-29 expedition, so I had a repair kit with me and fixed the hole instantly. The tube had been damaged on the inner side by the same rim that I had bought because of the 2008-12-09 puncture. I think there is a pattern somewhere... or Jesus doesn't want me to have fun on his anniversary of death.

I could not inflate the tire enough by hand and the gas station 300 metres away did not have a tire inflator, so I had to push the bike back towards home for another 1.7 kilometres to get to the next gas station. By the time my bike was ready I didn't feel like going to the hashpoint anymore because my "exam panic level" was rising after 1.5 hours without studying, so I returned home to my books.

Total distance: 3 km before the puncture + 2 km pushing the bike + 1.3 km home = 6.3 km. I win another Train wreck consolation prize :-(