2012-06-11 45 -121

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Mon 11 Jun 2012 in 45,-121:
45.6293200, -121.7595563

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Near Rainy Lake in the Green Point Creek Drainage, South of Cascade Locks, OR..



Kate had a dental appt in Hood River, so I had an hour to use.


Another fail. I got inside of 3 miles away. I was limited in time, but if the road went in as far as it showed on the map, AND if it were driveable most of the way in AND if everything went well I could do it in the time I had. It was not to be. The road got way too rough to make it in the little car. But I got to go by The Green Point Upper Resevoir, sometimes called Kingsley Reservoir. But with these views, no trip is a waste.


How do I upload a *.gpx file to post here ?