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Thu 6 Nov 2008 in Ringsaker, Norway:
60.0105334, 10.5558627

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The hash was located in the Ringsaker graticule, but still inside the Oslo region AND in walking distance from public transport, making everyone in Oslo want to go for the Regional Achievement!



lyx was the one who actually set out to face the wilderness. While there was no snow in the city of Oslo, things looked different at the bus' final destination. Civilization took the form of lonely farmsteads. Although it was in the middle of the day, the sun was already going to set. With all the snow, at least lyx was walking on a road. Which was in fact mostly used for cross-country skiing. Yepp, we're in Norway.
The thing was, that after not a long time the road lyx had grown so fond of had to be left for a hiking trail. lyx came to understand why these trails also are called "summer trails". Having hopped over some partly frozen beck, trudging through the snow, lyx reached - the point of return. This was about 800 meter from the hash as the dragon would fly. But lyx, having brought no towel and only a small torch light, decided that it was a good idea to turn back and catch the last bus before dark. The moon sent comforting regards from behind the faint mist.