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Wed 9 Jan 2019 in Mannheim:
49.2827813, 8.6968347

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Somewhere in the Mannheim graticule. Overfly the region.


Fly from London, Stansted to Paphos, Cyprus visiting 50 graticules on the route. Hope to hit a hashpoint by chance.


Expedition - Fail[edit]

Why Mannheim? Well it recently became the most active graticule in the world by coordinates-reached - congratulations. And Sourcerer has been watching your activities with interest for several years. Hi everyone! And this report might be read by several geohashers. And I don't want to write 50 expedition reports.

Commercial flights can be boring but an expedition of 50 graticules at around 12 per hour passes the time quite nicely. In Mannheim, I passed 31 km north of the hashpoint between Wiesloch and Rauenberg.

The expedition failed but came close in several graticules. Canterbury, close to home, was the closest approach. I was under 5 hash units from the hashpoint. For an air geohash, a hash unit is 310 metres.

  • 51 1 - 1.48 km - Screen grab not done
  • 50 5 - 4.1 km
  • 47 12 - 7.91 km
  • 45 15 - 4.26 km
  • 43 18 - 9.9 km
  • 38 25 - 2.9 km

A year ago, on a similar flight, I was successful over 2018-01-31 43 19. I have guestimated that on this path there is between 13% and 25% chance of hitting a hashpoint.

I used my KML generator and Google Earth Desktop to get the main image with nearly 500 hashpoints. This only involved three download and file opening steps. Useful!



Expeditions and Plans

Mannheim, Germany Sourcerer Somewhere in the Mannheim graticule. Overfly the region.
Uppsala, Sweden Fractal Between a small forest and a sort of lake, about an hour or two west of Sto...

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

2019-01-01_51_0 - 2019-01-09_49_8 - 2019-02-13_51_0 - KML file download of Sourcerer's expeditions for use with Google Earth.