2009-02-19 40 -74

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Thu 19 Feb 2009 in Dunellen, NJ:
40.5918952, -74.4807998

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Jevanyn: If it's this close (~ 7.5 miles), I have to go. I'll drive out to Greenbrook Road around 9:30 or so, and walk down the right-of-way until I get to the spot. It's at the treeline on the right, just past what looks like a footpath going across. There's a creek further on, and knowing Bound Brook next door, it'll be knee-deep mud the whole way, but hey, at least it's not a mile in the snow and 20 below.


A foot of snow would have been easier than the thick tangle of brush in the right-of-way. I was there about 9:30PM, but forgot to dig the flashlight out of the trunk, so I only took a few steps into the scrub before turning back.

I never did find out what the east-west track was closer to the hash. It is possibly a hiking/bike trail. If I had gotten there during the day, I would have gone over to Mountain View park and looked for a trailhead. It looks like there's something at the Warrenville Rd. bridge. Ah well, what might have been....