2012-03-23 33 -83

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Fri 23 Mar 2012 in Athens:
33.9363366, -83.7374694

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Inbetween and industrial park and a subdivision. This is literally about 1.5 miles from where I teach. I'm familiar with the industrial park because I've had some work done at a local machine shop located there. The google image shows this to be right into the natural forest behind a subdivision that I think is about 10 years old.


Big Bald Joe[edit]

I still don't have a proper GPS yet, but since this is so close to me. . . I have no choice but to drive by there later today.

Update: My son had himself a right nice asthma attack and I had to be content by driving by the subdivision instead. I was probably within 300 meters of it without even getting off the road I work off of. Oh well!