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Fri 17 Jul 2009 in -36,146:
-36.7448658, 146.9820917

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The Place[edit]

Just off the road to Wandiligong outside Bright, in a paddock.

Who went[edit]

Felix Dance[edit]

I and some others were heading off to a week of skiing and boarding at Mount Hotham and Falls Creek, staying in Harrietville, when Stevage and I noticed that the geohash was virtually on the drive up near Bright.

I was in a car with my housemates and we were due to pass the point at about 11pm, but unfortunately one of them needed to hire skis in Harrietville before midnight. I therefore devised a plan to get to the point myself and get picked up by the following car with Stevage in it.

Just out of Myrtleford, however, I got caught speeding while I was at the wheel (I didn't notice the speed had not gone from a 60 zone to an 80 zone - a real trap). When Stevage messaged me to say he'd be another hour I decided that I was in too foul a mood to hang around for a while at the geohash waiting for Stevage to come and pick me up so I abandoned the idea. Luckily we redeemed ourselves at the geohash near Wangaratta on the way home.


In case Stevage doesn't end up editing his own expedition to this hash here's my summary:

Stevage was in a car following the car I (Felix Dance) was in about an hour behind and we had an arrangement by which he'd pick me up at the hash because my car wasn't the type to go gallivanting around the countryside at night in search of random ephemeral coordinate locations. However, when I piked due to feeling pissed off for getting a speeding ticket he only made a half-hearted attempt at the point. He saw it over a fence, but didn't have his GPS with him to make a precise go at it, plus his car was full of not-very-impressed girls who would rather get to the lodge than jump fences and stand in mud to make two numbers look like each other on a hand-held device.

Close but no cigar.

Steve's addition: The real killer was that by the time we got to it, the time had just ticked past midnight, and the girls were like "oh, we missed it, too bad, let's go".